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Do you want to see yourself stuck in the Amazon marketplace many years down the line?
For many Sellers, quick profits in little time is what keeps them hooked to the Amazon marketplace. But is Amazon always the best thing for your business down the line?

Here are some of the common pitfalls sellers face on Amazon:

Being a big seller on Amazon doesn’t mean you’re a profitable seller. Too many Amazon sellers focus on topline sales rather than bottom line profits. 
Your products can become restricted and unsellable at any time.
Due to the scale of Amazon and customer-centric policies, returns and refunds can very tedious and money draining. There is also no real or personal customer relationship.
Due to a high level of competition, price wars and piggybacking are all very real threats for sellers on Amazon. 

Experts recommend allocating at least  20% of your resources to your own branded platform rather than going all in with Amazon selling.

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