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If you've ever looked into e-commerce platform options (WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magisto, Wix) etc., it's easy to get lost in the maze. With endless discussions online about the pros and cons of each platform route, it's hard to know what choice to make for your business.

At Leeside Digital, we've been there, done that. We've worked with hundreds of e-commerce business owners like you trying to master a clear and unfailing route. After researching every option in-depth, we eventually came up with our indisputable winner: Shopify.

The Shopify platform is your best bet when it comes to establishing a well-run and efficient online store. As trusted Shopify Partners, we also bring you added advantages such as early access to new features, great business connections and priceless marketing material that will swiftly put you ahead of the game.

Our Process

Our Shopify management service includes

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1. Assistance

Assisting you with Shopify Migration - i.e. the process of bringing your online store into the e-commerce platform so that you can start reaping Shopify benefits.

2. Online store creation

Designing and Developing your online store through the Shopify platform so that your website sparkles the way you would like it to.

3. Guidance & Training

Guiding you through the full range of Shopify app options and helping you choose those apps that can best benefit your business.

Shopify is a big conversation
and business owners like you sometimes have a lot of questions…

Is Shopify free/ how much does it cost? 

Shopify offers its users a range of different plans. The most basic plans start at $29 per month (with a 2.3% transaction fee.) The top plan comes up to $299 per month (with cheaper transaction fees.) 

Is Shopify easy to manage for sellers?

Yes. Shopify was created with online sellers in mind and is therefore very straightforward to manage.

What do I need to start a Shopify account?

Not much. You basically need to be a Registered Company and have a business bank account.

Why would you recommend Shopify over other platforms? 

In contrast to other online platforms, Shopify’s focus is solely e-commerce. This means that they work ‘round the clock with one goal in mind: How can we make this easier for business owners? Shopify has also been around a long time which, together with their impeccable customer service, makes them uniquely positioned to help e-commerce stores thrive!

Obviously, sometimes business owners would prefer other platforms for very legitimate reasons. Although we strongly advise our clients to go with Shopify, we will readily assess your unique needs and help you manage other platforms, should that be the best route for your business. 

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